Video gallery

Various videos of Luminell products


SLX Searchlight Module

Tired of changing bulbs? Or do you want more light – much more? Retrofit your searchlight with our new SLX LED unit and play among the big guys! Comparable to the light output of a 2000W halogen, but with the crisp color temperature of an “ice light”. Because light matters!

Skandi Iceman

Luminell is proud to deliver the RLX series LED floodlights to DOF`s new vessel, Skandi Iceman. The vessel has 300 lux on deck and is dimmable. We are also the first to deliver full illuminated standby rescue zone consisting of only LED floodlights. The powerful RLX series LED floodlights is designed for extreme maritime environments.

Luminell RLX series LED floodlights

Luminell is a provider of premium visibility solutions for demanding environments. This video shows the RLX series with its accessories and options.

Simulation RLX series LED floodlights

This video shows a simulation on how the RLX series works and the benefits with this product. The RLX series has 8 different beam options, which ensures the most efficient solutions.

Drone light modules

Luminell develops and produces critical light solutions for demanding use. We are specialized in creating powerful and endurable lights for marine and offshore applications. Now Luminell is using this experience to develop professional LED light modules for the UAV segment. Light Matters!

How to illuminate my vessel?

Illumination of outside areas, maindeck and sea surface, can be a challenge. A good floodlight solution will ensure that; – Operators on bridge deck are not disturbed by external lights, and preserves low light/night vision. – Crane operators have a clear view of the loading areas, and are not disturbed by floodlights – Crew on deck can see detailed objects, and shadows from objects are avoided. – Other vessels and operations are not disturbed by the lights form the vessel. This video will give some information about how we take these things into consideration when we make an outside floodlight simulation. Good illumination is often more than just to comply to the written requirements.