SL2IR LED Searchlight

LED searchlight with integrated thermal imager
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Product Overview

Output / performance


Spot beam 3.5°/ 3 600 kCd / 1 900 m
Wide beam 15 °/ 840 kCd / 24 000 lm
Initial luminious flux Over 60 000 lm
Color rendering index 70 (minimum)
Color temperature 6.000K
SL2IR LED Searchlight

Powerful and compact LED searchlight with integrated thermal camera. Built for Search & Rescue, Navigation support, Security surveillance and as a bright and powerful searchlight. It will improve the light at sea and ensure safe operations under all conditions.

The thermal night vision camera unit  is placed in a robust, modern designed housing mounted on top of the
searchlight middle part; this means that the camera always follows the searchlights horizontal movement from the joystick.
The thermal camera is mounted in a special tilt unit which makes it easy to adjust the camera vertically from the operator

  • Compact size
  • Progressive design
  • FiFi regulation compliance
  • Excellent EMC characteristics
  • Ruggadized construction
  • Unlimited  horizontal and vertical movement
  • User friendly oprator panel
  • Powerful spotbeam for range
  • Massive wide beam for near vessel operations
  • Over 4.0 MCd total light intensity
  • Optional intergration and automation functions
  • Ruggadized built-in thermal imager