SL1 LED Searchlight

Compact & Powerful
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Product Overview

Output / performance

Technology LED light source with dimmable and adjustable beam width
Input power 18-32 VDC
Color rendering index 70 (minimum)
Color temperature 6.000K
Range 1.200-1.500 m (1 lux)
Light intensity (measured) 1,5-2,0+  MCd
Beam width 3-6º degrees
SL1 LED Searchlight

A new member in the SL family – the SL1, strong enough for any professional use, good looking enough to fit any yacht.

Developed for and targeting Civil/Naval High Speed and Light Craft as well as Yachts the new SL1 brings a new standard to the market.
Built to last with same quality standards as the bigger sisters but in a more compact format.

  • Compact size
  • Progressive design
  • Light weight
  • Excellent EMC characteristics
  • Ruggadized construction
  • Unlimited horizontal movement
  • Wave compensated tilt movement
  • New user friendly operator panel logic
  • Digital controlled spot and flood beam
  • Over 2.0 MCd light intensity with LED
  • Dimmable beam
  • Hold light direction (HLD) function
Luminell SL1 LED searchlight