LED Searchlights

Powerful technology - extraordinary light
CLITE 2 LED Searchlight

Output / performance

Technology LED
Light source 2x250W
Color rendering index 70 (minimum)
Color temperature 6.300K
Range 1.500 m (1 lux)
Light intensity (measured) 2,4 MCd
Beam width 5,7º

When small size, energy efficiency and powerful light is needed!

The searchlights from Luminell, targeting the professional customers that actively use their searchlights for their normal operations, introduce THE Game Changer – the CLITE 2.
The new CLITE 2 platform will share the same values as the bigger Colorlight searchlights:


– Unlimited maneuverability for SUPERIOR SEA AREA COVERAGE

– SMART and SENSIBLE operator control system

– RELIABLE and DURABLE construction due to high tech and modern solutions

The CLITE 2 is designed to fit perfectly nice on smaller Patrol, SAR, Pilot, Windfarm service, Workboats and Yachts.

  • THE Game Changer
  • Maintenance free
  • Energy Efficient
  • Compact size
  • Powerful LED
  • 2.4 MCd
  • 1 lux over 1500 m
  • Over 40 000 Lm
  • Daylight 6300K
  • Dimmable in 3 steps
  • Superior Sea Area Coverage
  • Reliable and Endurable
  • Up to 100 000 light hours
  • Smart and Sensible control system
  • Modern and Functional
  • DC or AC power versions
  • Optional Integrated IR thermal camera
CLITE2 product overview
    Wireless radio control External power supply for panel (s) Fiber optic control cable
    Thermal camera unit (not for retrofitting) Ethernet switch, 5 port and 8 port Customized color
    Daylight camera unit (not for retrofitting) Upside-down installation Wet paint (AWL grip or similar)
    Extra remote panel (s)
 Note: for IR solutions, see product leaflet CLIR

CLITE 2 LED Searchlight Datasheet
Colorlight CLITE 2