RLX C Floodlight

Excellent light for harsh environments
RLX™ C Floodlight
Initial lumious flux 10.776
Color rendering index min. 70
Color temperature 5.000K (+/- 500K)
Beam angles 10 spot beam – 110 wide beam
Candela (min-max) in 1.000 4,8-110 cd
Max. light intensity 1.487 cd/W

RLX™ C is our smaller series floodlight that can replace 500W Halogen or smaller HPS/HMI lamps only by using 80W of power.

RLX™ C has like RLX™ D & E also the different beam options from 10-120 degrees, making RLX™ C able to give a good light impact also on long distances when choosing the most narrow beam options.

  • Flicker Free
  • Made to handle shocks and vibrations
  • No maintenance
  • Designed and produced in Scandinavia
  • Compact, robust and sealed
  • Excellent EMC characteristics
  • Encapsulated internal electronics
  • No ballast required
  • Submersible version <40 m
  • Available for hazardous areas
  • Corrosion glass C5m
RLX Series Beam Examples
 Input Specifications  RLX C  RLX D  RLX E
 Input voltage range  100 – 305 VAC  100 – 305 VAC  100 – 305 VAC
 Alternative voltage range  17 – 31 VDC  19 – 30 VDC (not EX version)  N/A
 Frequency range  47 – 63 Hz  47 – 63 Hz  47 – 63 Hz
 Rated power  80W  160W  230W
 Alternative rated power  40W  N/A  N/A
 Current at 230VAC  0,35 A (80W)  0,75 A  1,1 A
 Leakage current  <0,75 mA /227 VAC  <0,75 mA /227 VAC  <0,75 mA /227 VAC
 Inrush current (230VAC cold start  ~65A (445 µs) ~65A (445 µs)  ~70A (1010 µs)
 Light specifications  RLX-C  RLX-D  RLX-E
 Initial luminous flux @ Ta 25ºC  10.776  21.552  30.014
 Color rendering index (CRI)  min. 70  min. 70  min. 70
 Color temperature  5.000 K (+ – 500 K)  5.000 K (+ – 500 K)  5.000 K (+ – 500 K)
 Beam angles  10º spot beam – 110º wide beam  10º spot beam – 110º wide beam  10º spot beam – 110º wide beam
 Candela (min-max) in 1.000  4,8´ – 110´ cd   9,6´ – 238´ cd  13´ – 330´ cd
 Maximum light intensity  1.487 cd/W 1.487 cd/W  1.487 cd/W
 General specifications  RLX-C  RLX-D  RLX-E
 Startup time  1 sec.  1 sec.  1 sec.
 Operating ambient temperature (Ta)  – 40ºC to + 55ºC  – 40ºC to + 55ºC  – 40ºC to + 55ºC
 Storage temperature  – 40ºC to + 80ºC – 40ºC to + 80ºC  – 40ºC to + 80ºC
 Weight (apx.)  6.5 kg  10.5 kg  16 kg
 Cable gland  1xM20 (6-13mm)   1xM20 (6-13mm)  1xM20 (6-13mm)
 Blind caps  1xM20   1xM20  2xM20, 2xM25
 IP class  IP 66/67   IP 66/67  IP 66/67
 Lifetime prediction (L70) @ Ta 45°C  110.000 hrs   110.000 hrs  110.000 hrs
 Corrosion class   C5m ISO 9223/12944   C5m ISO 9223/12944   C5m ISO 9223/12944
Lux Calculator
Light amount in an area (Lux)

The amount of light which is located in a particular area is expressed in Lux. For example, if measured on the deck of a vessel it will describe how much light there is in the position of measurement.

It can give an indication of how an area will be illuminated with various beam types. Other factors like material, reflection etc., also play a role in the overall result of light projection.

RLX Series Beam Examples
Accessories and options

Lux Switch


Turns the lights on and off, depending on ambient light.

Submersible Kit


Used for ship docks etc. Submersible to 40 meters.


RLX C Protection grid. Used for protection where there are moving objects which could potentially damage the lamp.

Oil damperOIL DAMPER

This is a rotary damper designed to fix the angle of the floodlight relative to gravity. It can be used, for example on cranes to ensure that the floodlight are pointing where you want no matter the angle of the crane boom. The damper has a rotation limit of 0 ° ± 135 ° (270 ° total) where it prohibits the floodlight from dangling due to movement. Weight will affect the damping of the rotation.


RLX Series Datasheet
RLX Datasheet

Installation guide

Installation guide 24VDC
RLX C and D 24VDC

General Drawings