BLX D Bowlight

Improving navigation and maneuvering at night
BLX™ D Bowlight
Initial lumious flux 48.800 (23.800+25.000)
Color rendering index min. 70
Color temperature 5-8.000K
Beam angles 8º spot  + 45×12º /  8º spot  +8º spot
Candela (min-max) in 1.000 645´ + 95´ cd
Max. light intensity 1.487 cd/W

BLX™ D series LED Bowlight

is designed to improve the ability to see during navigation and maneuvering at night.
By combining the proven technology of the BLX™ Series with practical testing of the optical features,
the end result is a powerful bowlight that will increase safety and endure in very harsh environments.

  • Detects bouy reflex up to 1NM
  • Dimmable
  • RLX Design – compact, sealed and highly resistant to to shock and vibrations
  • Available in 24VDC and 100-277VAC (External PSU)
  • Encapsulated internal electronics
  • Maintenance Free
  • Instant light
  • Proven endurance
  • Easy clean design
 Input Specifications
 Input voltage range  22 – 30 VDC
 Alternative voltage range  100 – 277 VAC (external PSU)
 Frequency range  50 – 60 Hz
 Rated power  500W @ 24VDC
 Current at 24VDC  2x 10,5 A
 Current at 230VAC  2,2 A
 DIM  0-100 kΩ or 0-10VDC. Spot/wide can
be controlled separately 0-100%.
 Light specifications  General/Total  (Spot8/Oval) Spot Oval
 Initial luminous flux @ Ta 25ºC  48.800 23.800 25,000
 Beam angles  – 8 Oval Horizontal
 Candela  740000 cd 645.000 cd 95.000 cd
 Range (1 lx)  860 m 803 m 308 m
 Tested range Detects bouy reflex up to 1 NM (1.852 m)
 Color rendering index (CRI)  70 (min.)
 Color temperature  5.000 – 8.000 K
 Alternative Color temperature  2.700 – 3.000 K
 General specifications
 Startup time  1 sec.
 Operating ambient temperature (Ta)  – 40ºC to + 55ºC
 Storage temperature  – 40ºC to + 80ºC
 Weight (apx.)  9.5 kg
 Cable gland  2xM20 (6-13mm)
 Blind caps  1xM20
 IP class  IP 66/67
 Lifetime prediction (L70) @ Ta 45°C  Made to endure more than 10 years.
 Corrosion class   C5m ISO 9223/12944
Lux Calculator
Light amount in an area (Lux)

The amount of light which is located in a particular area is expressed in Lux. For example, if measured on the deck of a vessel it will describe how much light there is in the position of measurement.

It can give an indication of how an area will be illuminated with various beam types. Other factors like material, reflection etc., also play a role in the overall result of light projection.


Control panel for BowlightsCONTROL PANEL

For remote control of one or several lights and dimming of
both sections in the lamp.

  • Master On/Off
  • Individual dimming of beams
  • Dimmable panel light (requires 12/24VDC)
  • Select individual dimming range on beams (0-100% or 10-100%)

Manual dim knob for BowlightsMANUAL DIMMING KNOB

Dimming knob mounted on the lamp for manual control of the light output.


BLX D Protection grid. Used for protection where there are moving objects which could potentially damage the lamp


For extreme cold temperatures and icing conditions, the Anti-ice kit prevents ice from building up on the glass.


BLX D Series Datasheet
BLX Bowlight

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