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The OSV vessels are dependent on good illumination in order to execute tasks in a safe and efficient manner. Much of the work take place during nighttime, it is therefore crucial to have a working light that is optimal for the day rythm of the body.

Typical problems for OSV vessels:

  • Not sufficient illumination on long distances, especially mid and aft part of deck
  • Maintenance due to shocks and vibrations
  • Poor light quality for deck work and camera use
  • Blackouts due to voltage drops, for example during startup of pumps

To meet your needs the RLX series is made to spesifically solve these problems and we have received excellent feedback.


"The RLX series is excellent. Fantastic, fantastic - absolutely fantastic. The crew feel more alert and awake, and they find the light very comfortable to work in" 

- Ove Kåre Remøy, Captain, Havila Mercury

"Better view of aft deck with RLX series LED floodlights and much better contrasts"

- Robert Chiewers, Crane Operator, Transocean Leader

 See below for typical applications on OSV vessels:


  • Rail Cranes
  • Winch hangar and spooling device
  • ROV hangar
  • Deck illumination from top of wheelhouse
  • Rescue zones


  • Deck illumination from top of wheelhouse and superstructure
  • Rails
  • Mooring stations
  • Mob boat landing area 
  • Rescue Zones


  • Cranes
  • ROV hangar
  • Deck
  • Along ship side
  • Rescue zones


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Fishing Vessels

Fishing vessels operates in rough high risk environments day and night, and the work that takes place is very demanding for the crew. To meet the needs of fishery vessels, the RLX series is developed to solve the spesific light problems for each method of fishery and the feedback we have received has been excellent.

"We are very satisfied with the lights. There is no maintenance, low power consumption and no problems with icing."

- Lars Harald Nyvoll, Skipper, MS Nyvoll Senior

"The light works extremely well, also during the coldest winter in more than 20 years, in the Bering Ocean."

- Deck Supervisor, F/T Pacific Glacier



Typical problems:

  • Shocks and vibrations
  • Salt burn on the glass of the light, which reduces output
  • Broken light bulbs that needs replacement
  • Broken search light in the front mast

Typical application:

  • Light for hauling hatch
  • Front mast for bouy finding
  • Rear light for setting the line
  • Deck light





Typical problems:

  • Poor light quality not optimal for working on deck
  • Lack of light at stern trawl

Typical application:

  • Deck light
  • Lights for stern trawl
  • Lights for purse




Typical problems:

  • Poor light quality
  • Light breakes due to shocks, vibrations and temperature
  • Difficult, costly and risky to do maintenance due to placement of the lights

Typical Application:

  • Trawl gallow
  • Deck light
  • Top of wheelhouse
  • Frozen storage


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Other vessels

Luminell's products are also solving problems onboard other vessels and istallations such as boats, ferries, merchant vessels ect.

"There are no better lights than these"

- Steinar Molnes, Tide OS (ferry)


Ferries need good illumination of car deck to ensure safety onboard whenFloodlight LED for ferries
it is dark. Typical problems are damage due to vibrations, and by using
the RLX series this problem is solved.

Typical application:

  • Car deck
  • Bow door
  • Rescue stations



Wellboats operating in all weather conditions have need of excellent
illumination in order to handle alive fish in the best possible way.

Typical problems:Powerful LED Floodlight for wellboats

  • Poor light quality
  • Not sufficient illumination on the ship sides
  • Mainentance due to shocks and vibrations

Typical application:

  • Bow light
  • Lights along ship side



The RLX series also solve light problems on lashing bridges, top of wheelhouse and deck light on several merchant vessels, bulk carriers and tankers.


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Offshore installations

Onboard offshore installations, safety is priority number one. Therefore, illumination is crucial as it has a large impact on working environments and the day rythm of the crew.

"All feedback has been very positive, and of course we see that this is the future!"
- Electrician, Transocean rig
"It lights fantastic, good white light"
- Electro/Automation Leader, Transocean rig


Typical problems on offshore installations:

  • Blackouts due to voltage drops
  • Maintenance on difficult accesible spots
  • Poor light quality

The RLX series is designed to solve these problems in an excellent way.


Typical application:

  • Cranes
  • Deck illumination
  • Illumination on lifeboat and MOB boat stations
  • Flame tower
  • General floodlight illumination


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Both outdoor and indoor industry areas have a need for illuminations. When large areas needs to be illuminated, large amounts of energy is needed. Higher energy need results in a high installation cost due to cabeling requirements etc. With the RLX series it is now possible to significantly reduce power consumption and maintenance-need, as well as to increase light quality and lifetime.


Typical problems:

  • High energy consumption
  • Insufficient illumination on long distances
  • Maintenance in high masts due to poor product quality
  • Poor light quality


Typical problems:

  • High energy consumption
  • Poor light quality
  • Maintenance

Indoor Freezer

Typical problems:

  • Low light output due to low temperatures
Our products solve all of these problems, and are also
designed to stay free of ice in very low temperatures.


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