Environmental Policy

Taking care of the environment
Luminell Environmental Policy

Luminell are committed to monitoring and improving our solutions and services, actively ensuring the reduction of our environmental footprint.

This includes all phases from Research and Development, to the recycling of discontinued products.

We are committed to and aware of doing our part for the environment, for both now and for the future and as part of our Environmental Policy, keep these practices at the forefront of our planning whilst developing the Luminell range.


·   All products are developed according to the RoHS directive.

·   No hazardous chemicals are used.

·   Products are developed for long predicted lifetime.


·   Sourcing of components is aimed to be carried out in an efficient way to reduce emission on transportation and packaging.

·   Recycling of all materials, packaging, and other waste.

·   Reducing energy consumption at our production plants.


·   As transportation of goods has a considerable impact on the environment, our logistics departments partner with companies with a clear commitment to reduce the negative impact on the environment.


·   Grønt punkt ( The Green Dot / Der Grüne Punkt)
Luminell is a member of “Grøn Punkt” Norway.
Membership with “Grønt Punkt” ensures the financing of return schemes, collection and the recycling of various types of packaging.

As a member of RENAS the enterprise fulfills its statutory responsibility incumbent on importers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic products for ensuring collection and environmentally correct handling of discarded products.

·   WEEE
Luminell is responsible for facilitating recycling of electronic waste, delivered to Luminell Ålesund or Luminell Halmstad.

Our products are designed to meet the WEEE directive.
The WEEE symbol on the products accompanying documents means that used electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).