Luminell Downloads    Luminell logo, jpg-file

     Luminell Downloads    Luminell logo, eps-file



     Luminell Downloads   RLX Series (English)

     Luminell Downloads   RLX Series (Portuguese) 

     Luminell Downloads   RLX Cx Zone 1

     Luminell Downloads   RLX Bowlight

     Luminell Downloads   SLX D Searchlight

     Luminell Downloads   RLX D Ex nA fixed cable

     Luminell Downloads   RLX Reef


     Luminell Downloads   EML Emergency light


     Luminell Downloads   Colorlight CLITE 2

     Luminell Downloads   Colorlight Searchlight CL20

     Luminell Downloads   Colorlight Searchlight CL25

     Luminell Downloads   Colorlight Searchlight CL35

     Luminell Downloads   Colorlight Searchlight CL38

     Luminell Downloads   Colorlight Searchlight CLIR

     Luminell Downloads   Colorlight CL10 - CL15


     Luminell Downloads   Lifetime Prediction - RLX Series


     General drawings

     Luminell Downloads   RLX C

     Luminell Downloads   RLX D

     Luminell Downloads   RLX E

     Luminell Downloads   RLX Cx

     Luminell Downloads   EML Emergency light


     Quick installation guides

     Luminell Downloads   RLX C

     Luminell Downloads   RLX D 

     Luminell Downloads   RLX C & D 24VDC

     Luminell Downloads   RLX E

     Luminell Downloads   RLX D Ex

     Luminell Downloads   RLX Cx Zone 1

     Luminell Downloads   SLX Searchlight module

     Luminell Downloads   SLX D Searchlight module L0378 D Adapter bracket

     Luminell Downloads   SLX D Searchlight module L0379 D Adapter bracket

     Assorted documents 

     Luminell Downloads   Comparison between HPS lights and RLX

     Luminell Downloads   Standard RLX floodlight setup on AHTS (90m, 800m2)

     Luminell Downloads   Standard RLX floodlight setup on PSV (85m, 800m2)

     Luminell Downloads   Marine LED lighting and Electromagnetic Interference


     Photometric IES files are available on request - please send us an e-mail.


     Luminell Downloads   EN ISO 9001:2015

     Luminell Downloads   CML Ex Certificate

     Luminell Downloads   IECEx Certificate of Conformity

     Luminell Downloads   EU Declaration of Conformity

     Luminell Downloads   ATEX Certificate RLX Series

     Luminell Downloads   ABS Certificate

     Luminell Downloads   Achilles JQS Certificate


     General Terms & Conditions

     Luminell Downloads   Luminells General Terms & Conditions of sale, delivery and mounting

     Luminell Downloads   Luminells Warranty Conditions on the RLX Series (from nov. 2012)