Declaration regarding the Covid-19 situation

The Covid-19 situation has not only affected global economies, but millions of individuals, worldwide.
We have all been marked by this pandemic one way or another and this is no different for us at Luminell.

We at Luminell are acutely aware of the importance of stopping the spread of the Covid -19 virus and have implemented guidelines to all Luminell staff, according to WHO recommendations.

We have encouraged staff to work from home, we have cancelled all travel arrangements indefinitely.
For those on site in our facilities we have implemented a strict 1 meter social distance rule, as well as daily disinfection of the premises and have placed gloves and hand sanitiser in all communal areas. As is standard, we have encouraged all personnel to uphold high levels of personal hygiene, including frequent hand washing.

We are doing all that we can to continue to offer the high quality products and services of which our customers are accustomed to, with all management, sales and support staff still available.

Regarding the production of Luminell lamps, we have not seen any direct impact on our ability to fulfill orders, nor do we see this being a problem in the future.

Though this time has the potential to instill feelings of fear, desperation and despondency, we can find great comfort in the fact that there is still so much hope, community and courage to be found as we do what is needed, for not only ourselves but our neighbours.

Though marked, we’ve also witnessed humanity at it’s best. We’ve witnessed kindness, generosity and a willingness to forgo basic human interactions for the greater good. We have no doubt that though the last months have been devastating, we will as past generations have done, stand again and find the light. Because Light Matters.

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions.

The Luminell Group.