Accessories and options
Accessories text: 



Options and accessories

• External PSU for AC Voltage 
• Protection grid 
• Anti-Ice kit 
• Manual dimming knob, M20  IP 67 

Control Panel

•     Multiple bowlights can be controlled from the same panel

•     Individual dimming of spot and wide beam

•     Master ON/OFF

•     Dimmable panel light (require 24VDC/VAC)

•     Select individual dimming range on spot and wide
(0-100% or 10-100%)

Bracket Options


    Compatible with

   L0413 Marine Bracket   
   L0378 Adapter Bracket D Type 1      «Seematz» 351
   L0379  Adapter BracketD Type 2      «Norselight»  SH 260-470, B-BH



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